Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Fine Art and Photography

The Fine Art and Photography taster week was a great example of how far the creative process can go with a piece. The final pieces that I ended up with at the end of the week were totally different to what I had thought I might make during the week and I was pleased with the outcome. We started off with photography and were sent out to capture various images of interest, with the intention of turning them into tactile images. I enjoyed finding things to take photographs of as it made me so much more aware of the environment I was in and things that I ordinarily would not have paid attention to suddenly became so much more exciting.
The back of a moved ceiling tile
A door with several different textures
From there I selected two black and white photos that had different surfaces and textures to which I could apply other media onto. Making the photographs tactile was a great way of experimenting with media and totally changed the way that they looked. I selected media that would represent the textures of various areas of the image, for example scrunched up tissue paper with string sewn in to represent the insulation in the ceiling and the metal around for the first one and plastic sheeting and electrical tape to represent the smooth edge of the door and the reflective panel of glass in it. I was quite pleased with the overall effect of the images as the changes were quite bold and made a big difference to the photos.
The two finished pieces of tactile imagery
The next step was to photocopy the images of my work and turn them into something 3D through various methods like cutting, folding and tearing. These pieces were to be the basis of a final piece made from A1 cartridge paper and to find methods that worked I experimented with various techniques. The first two pieces were tubular shapes that I cut into in two different ways to create different effects. I particularly like the shape of these pieces and I think that they are quite interesting as stand alone pieces. The second two pieces I decided to use folding on and I think that this worked really well as it made them a lot more 3 dimensional. For the final piece I decided to use parts of all of these pieces as I think that both the folded and tubular pieces worked well.

The final stage of the week was the A1 piece which I really enjoyed making. All of the paper work I had done previously had been quite small so the chance to experiment with a large piece was a nice change. I created a tubular shape from a piece of the paper and wrapped around the remaining paper which I had folded into a concertina type shape. This made a really interesting final piece which helped me to make a piece follow the transition from 2D to 3D which isn't something that I had done before. I really enjoyed this week as each stage provided a new challenge and a different way of working which resulted in some really interesting pieces. Even if I don't choose to pursue Fine Art or Photography I learnt skills which I can take forward into new areas.


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