Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Noriko Ambe

After spending so much time I the taster weeks working with paper it was nice to research an actual artist who uses paper in their work. Most of the paper pieces that I have seen previously has been cut into or folded but this is the first time I have seen paper work where the cut outs form an indented like shape. The number of layers in each piece must be huge and to get the shape required each one must be cut with such precision so that when stacked up they form the right shape.

The overall effect of each piece looks clean and neat and when all together the individual sheets create such a solid shape that it is hard to believe that they have been made from paper.  For each piece to be cut by hand the amount of time that they must take is immense and I think they are very beautiful to look at as well as being skilfully made.

As well as stacks of paper, Ambe also uses books of work by other artists and it is this idea of reworking an already existing piece of art into a new one that I like as it gives the work a new level of interest. Each book can take months to complete with the amount of cutting and reworking that is done as none of the designs for the cutting is a purely random pattern. Noriko Ambe tries to get a feel for the contents of the book and lets this translate though the way she cuts into it so that the original source material is not lost.


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