Sunday, 12 October 2014

Olivier Kugler

I had previously thought that most work done under the title of visual communications would have been done on a computer but since I started learning  more about it I have realised that this isn't true. One artist who particularly stood out to me was Olivier Kugler as I really like the way that he uses digital process to add colour to his hand rendered images as this combination of old and new methods creates pieces that are extremely interesting. Each line in a drawing by Kugler is so carefully considered that the image shows just as much form than it would had it been done in tone. I like the way all of the images are drawn in situ so that when witnessed the viewer is momentarily transported to what it was like to be there. The drawings are so detailed but simple at the same time that all the information is recorded without looking too busy and overworked. This image below is from a journal that Kugler did following a truck driver through Iran and for me it is on par with a photograph as it captures the images so well.

Another thing from Olivier Kuglers work that I find interesting is the recording of sounds and conversations that he hears. I like the way that he works them into the image as ordinarily this is something that would not be included in a piece of still work but by including them you get more of a sense of what was happening at the exact time he was there. The flat colour that Kugler drops into the images using photoshop is so well considered that only the smallest amounts have to be used. This is something that I have been inspired to try as previously I have only used non digital media like paint for adding colour to my work which isn't as neat or even as the colour used in these images. One of my favourite pieces is this one as the use of colour and excerpts of conversation relay so much information to the viewer than I would have previously thought possible for a piece of illustration.

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